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[Pro2 Compact] Info 3 leds and power supply
Hi everyone,
I'm Alessandro from Rimini (Italy).
I have a Pro2 Compact and everything works well but I have to ask you for two info.

1 - What do the 3 leds at the top left of the screen indicate?
In the forum I found info only on Pro2 Plus where 1st led indicates the operation of the NTP server and the 2nd for the connection with WU.
Do they have the same function on the Pro2 Compact?
And what does the 3rd led indicate?

2 - Currently my Weatherduino is connected to the RaspBerry via USB required for power and data transmission to CumulusMX.
I wanted to ask if it is possible to power the Weatherduino with external power (i thinks yes..) and send the data to the RaspBerry via WiFi (both Weatherduino and the RaspBerry are on the same LAN).
If yes, how, and above all, which port to use and in what format (TCP or UDP?).
This is necessary because I have to place Weatherduino very far from the RaspBerry and with a very long USB cable, I have a big drop in voltage and so I can't properly power Weatherduino.
Thanks for your advice.

Hi Alessandro ,

1- Yes, the three simulated LED's on the top left on the screen behave the same way on both Pro2 PLUS and Pro2 Compact.

The third Led, warns about a new software version available. GREEN you are running latest version, YELLOW mean there is a new software version available.

2- I never tried to apply external power to an Pro2 Compact, it may work but I'm not absolutely sure if there isn't any risk. I think the Wemos D1 mini includes a diode which may prevent that any external voltage reach the USB 5V line, but s said I'm not sure about this.
WeatherDuino only supports connection to CumulusMX (or WeeWx) by USB.

Hello, I just read your post and guess what ? I am powering my PRO2 compact from an external power supply since I purchased the unit (October 2019). Had no problems , just be sure to the good quality of the power supply.
Buona giornata.
Hi everyone
and thanks for the answers.

Werk_AG as usual accurate and timely.

xxDvDxx for the clarification regarding the external power supply.

Unfortunately, the inability to send WeatherDuino data via WiFi, forces me to place WD near the RaspBerry.

A question to xxDvDxx:
we have the same setup (WD and Auriol station);
do you also have the RB on which CumulusMX runs?

In Italiano:
Abbiamo lo stesso setup (WeatherDuino e stazione meteo Auriol);
Hai anche il RaspBerry su cui gira CumulusMX?
Semmai ci sentiamo in PM.


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