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New WeatherDuino Pro2 Compact receiver

[Image: WeatherDuino_Pro2_Compact_logo01.png]

Here is the new member of the WeatherDuino receivers family.
The WeatherDuino Pro2 Compact

[Image: Pro2_Compact_Main_web640.jpg]

[Image: Pro2_Compact_Graphics_web640.jpg]

[Image: Pro2_Compact_AQM_web640.jpg]

Current version use smooth fonts and support accented characters on the user interface


Based on a fast 32 bit microcontroller (Tensilica L106) the Pro2 Compact is the fastest performer among the WeatherDuino receivers.
On the video bellow you can see how fast it draws each data screen

Note: This video was done from an unit running an older software version, current version uses smooth fonts and a new set of icons.

  • It consumptions so little energy that it can be powered directly through the USB port (even an Raspberry PI USB port).
  • If you only want to upload your weather data to a Wunderground weather page, it can do it through your WiFi connection. There is no need to have a computer running 24 hours a day.
  • Unit is supplied fully assembled, tested and ready to use. Everything is included: TFT, Atmospheric Pressure sensor (Bosh BME280), Temperature / Humidity sensor, 433Mhz receiver module, etc.
  • Very compact unit. The receiver board was designed to have the same size of the 2.8" TFT board, it is like a backpack.
  • Software updates can be done via OTA. In most cases doesn't even require to first close the weather software (tested with CumulusMX).
  • And of course, compatible with any already existing Transmitter unit.

For more detailed info about the Pro2 Compact receiver, plese visit the WeatherDuino Wiki. There you can find:

For prices and availability, please check here:

Never was so easy, quick and cheap having an WeatherDuino weather station.

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