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Compile Error P2ESP8266_RX_v4.1_b001 AQI_Standard = 3

Version: P2ESP8266_RX_v4.1_b001

Getting a compile error whenever i set the AQI_Standard to 3.  There is no problems compiling the code if AQI is set from 0 through to 2.

From Config_options.h
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
//   If you have an WeatherDuino Air Quality Monitor the setting bellow MUST be defined
//   The value of this setting MUST match the value defined on the Air Quality Monitor device
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
#define AQI_STANDARD   3   //  0= USA (AQI-EPA), 1= EUROPE (EAQI), 2= UK (DAQI), 3= AUSTRALIA (AQC - NSW)

Compile Log:

Arduino: 1.8.13 (Windows Store (Windows 10), Board: "LOLIN(WEMOS) D1 R2 & mini, 80 MHz, Flash, Legacy (new can return nullptr), All SSL ciphers (most compatible), 4MB (FS:2MB OTA:~1019KB), v2 Lower Memory, Disabled, None, Only Sketch, 921600"

C:\Users\brett\Documents\Arduino\WeatherDuino_Pro2_Compact_v4.1_20201120\WeatherDuino_Pro2_Compact\software\RX software\WeatherDuino_P2ESP8266_RX_v4.1_b001\D_TFT.ino: In function 'void draw_AU_AQC(uint16_t)':
D_TFT:729:14: error: 'Display' was not declared in this scope
     aqi25  = Display.PM25AQI / 10;
exit status 1
'Display' was not declared in this scope




Hi Brett,

Thank you for your detailed report, this really help to quickly check and fix bugs.
Bug is confirmed, and already fixed on P2ESP8266_RX_v4.1_b002, published minutes ago. Please download the software package again, and report back if everything is now working as it should.
Once again tank you.

Kind regards,

All good now.  Compiles correctly and data being presented as expected.

Thanks for the quick turn around for the bug fix.


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