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Australian Silicon Chip magazine feature


It appears that all recent (years) issues are available for download for AU$8.20 each (about US $6) for viewing on a PC screen. I'm not sure if/how that could be converted to a .PDF and/or hard copy.

They can also be purchased (internationally) as paper magazines (see the "Shop" tab), but the shipping costs appear to be quite significant.

Cheers, Alan.

I went to that link and decided to purchase those issues. But, they cannot be downloaded. A person can only subscribe to the issues and view online.

Better than expensive postage to the USA. But their flash based viewing makes it a little difficult to read. Hopefully in the future they will used PDF or other easier form of navigation for the pages.



Yes, I feared that it might not be easy to print out what you'd actually paid for. Sad

But the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard can be your friend. It may not appear to do anything, but it copies the whole (or a selected window) of the screen into the clipboard. This can then be pasted into a suitable graphics application; I use an ancient version of "Paintshop Pro" but there should be plenty of others.

If you have a large sceen, copying the whole page may be satisfactory, but for the attached sample I copied the top and bottom halves separately and "stitched" them together in PsP. Each page can then be printed out, or pasted/printed into another application such as an "Office" package. Personally, I printed it out to a free .PDF creator program, in my case PrimoPDF.

I don't see any harm in attaching a sample of the first page as that is freely available to view on the Silicon Chip Website.

Cheers, Alan.
.pdf SC-WeatherDuino1-1.pdf Size: 158,09 KB  Downloads: 237

I have done that before slso with the PrtScrn. I just found out if you Right Click the Flash Menu has a Print function that prints the whole visible page but it cuts off part of the words around the images sometimes.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I saw your forum name over on Cumulus also. I go over there quite a bit for info.

If you are running win 7 pro you will find a snipping tool. This allows you to cut any image from your screen and save as a jpeg. I have done this with my silicon chip purchases and then you put the image into a word doc and save the whole lot as a pdf. This gives you all the articles in one single pdf document.

I have Windows 8.1 it also has the snipping tool. But seems like it pretty much works like PrScrn except you don't have to crop the image.

It is better than print sxreen as you can crop and manipulate the exact image you need at the beginning of the process.[/align]

Oh, okay I see what you are talking about now.


I have the full 4 articles of the WD Pro2 scanned into PDF format for those that may be interested... Angel

If you would like it, send me a PM.

I have the corresponding SWF files which can be directly read in Chrome. Quite handy!

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