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4Pro Universal Transmitter - Overview

[Image: 4Pro_UniversalTX_PCB_Front.jpg]


The WeatherDuino 4Pro Universal Transmitter units, besides transmit data to the WeatherDuino receivers, are also the interface where you will connect all weather sensors that you intend to use. To see the list of all currently supported sensors, visit the WeatherDuino WiKi page, or just click here.

Only one Transmitter unit is needed to build a fully featured WeatherDuino weather station, however, you can use up to four Transmitter units per system. The main reason why someone may want to use more than one Transmitter unit is to get a better positioning of the weather sensors. For example, one Transmitter may be used for sensors that are usually placed above the roof, like the anemometer and wind vane, and another Transmitter for the sensors that should be placed near the ground level, like temperature / humidity sensors, rain gauge, or even soil moisture sensors.

A quite common issue which builders of DIY weather station face, is the very short distance allowed (limitation of the standard I2C bus) between the placement of the Temperature / Humidity sensor and the PCB. We have overcome this limitation, by adding on the main PCB the possibility to have two Extended I2C ports, allowing distances between the Temp. / Hum. sensor up to 50 meters (10 meters with default settings).
One I2C extended bus, is based on two special chips, one is placed on main PCB the other on the end of the I2C circuit. Together with the WeatherDuino 4Pro Universal Transmitter, are supplied two very small adapters, which will close the Extended I2C bus.
As an example, one extended I2C bus can be used for the Temp. / Hum. sensor, and the second one for the Soil / Leaf interface.

The Power Module, which acts as an efficient step down converter, is also supplied together with the main WeatherDuino 4Pro Universal Transmitter PCB.

The PCB Schematic, is available to builders of the WeatherDuino 4Pro Universal Transmitter, under the download area.

General Specifications:

- LoRa or OOK transmission, depending on radio module installed.
- Ports for all common weather instruments (Wind, Rain, Temperature / Humidity).
- Two extended I2C ports, plus two standard I2C ports.
- Integrated Solar / UV interface - Allows having a reliable pyranometer using solar cells.
- Allow use of the WeatherDuino Soil / Leaf Interface.
- Fan connector - Software controllable (for Temperature / Humidity sensor Radiation Shield).
- Optional onboard temperature sensor.
- Remote monitor of Mains / Battery voltage.
- Power Supply: Mains or Solar powered - 12 to 16 Volt
- Average Consumption: 230mA (peaks, specially during LoRa transmission can reach 400mA)
- PCB size: 99.4mm x 73.8mm

[Image: 4Pro_UniversalTX_Assembled_Example.jpg]


- PCB + Power Module + two I2C extender PCB's : 18.90€ In Stock
- Compatible Photovoltaic Cell (for Solar Rad. measurement): 5.90€

Shipping Method and Costs

All shipments are done via registered Air Mail.
Once shipment is done we provide the tracking number.

Any country within the Eurozone: 8.20€
Any other country: 11.40€
Combined shipping is available.

Payment Method

PayPal Only

How to Order?

Orders are done by sending a PM to Werk_AG.
Click here, and describe the item or items you want to order.
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