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4Pro Dual Band Compact Receiver - Overview

[Image: 4ProDB_RX_FrontView.jpg]


Like its predecessors, the WeatherDuino 4Pro Dual Band, emulates the Davis Vantage Pro2 communication protocol, and works in much the same way.
To connect it to any weather software, just choose Davis Vantage Pro2 as the station model.
WeatherDuino 4Pro Dual Band support up to seven extra sensors, four soil temperature / humidity sensors and four leaf wetness sensors. A Davis compatible hardware data logger, is also included.

The 4Pro Dual Band, can receive simultaneously data from WeatherDuino transmitters operating in 868MHz (LoRa) or 433Mhz (OOK) frequencies,  making of it an excellent upgrade option for existing Pro2 users, who wish to take benefit of the enhanced capabilities of the 4Pro system, but not want to replace their already installed transmitter units.
Optionally, the system can use radios compatible with USA legal frequencies.

Probably, WeatherDuino were among the first to have integrated Air Quality data on their weather stations. We kept and improved this functionality. in 4Pro DB.
Used together with an WeatherDuino Air Quality Monitor, the 4Pro Dual Band will display PM2.5, PM10.0 and Air Quality Index on a dedicated data screen.
The Air Quality Index standard is user selectable (US-EPA, EU-AQI, UK-DAKI or AU AQC).

We know that many people, just would like to be able to upload their weather data to online services, without having to care about have a PC or RPi always running. The 4Pro Dual Band can send all your weather data by just using your WiFi network, to online services like Weather Underground and / or WeatherCloud.

Anywhere in your house, if you wish to quickly view the current weather conditions, just type the IP address of your 4Pro Dual Band weather station in any browser (PC or phone), and instantly you will be presented with a small web page with all weather data, including extra sensors and air quality.

User interface can be presented in several languages, such as English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Polish, Italian, Dutch and more could be added soon.

Weather data can be displayed using Metric or Imperial units, or even a mix of them. System is so flexible that, per example, you can chose to have wind in mph or knot, rain in mm, and temperature in ºC. You decide.

The WeatherDuino 4Pro Dual Band is so rich in features that its hard enumerate all of them.

Hardware Specifications:

- Xtensa 32 Bits Dual Core Microcontroller
- 3.2" TFT Touch Screen
- TFT Backlight Dimmable in three levels, 40%, 70% & 100%
- LoRa RFM95 868Mhz radio module (optionally 915Mhz)
- OOK RXB6 433Mhz radio module (optionally 315Mhz)
- Integrated Temperature / Humidity & Pressure Sensor (Bosch BME280)
- Hardware Data Logger (compatible Davis VP2)
- Hardware Real Time Clock (removable module)
- Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n
- Power Supply: USB or via polarized connector on the PCB - 5V, 500mA
- Average Consumption: Backlight ON - 280mA, Backlight OFF - 190mA

[Image: 4ProDB_RX_BackView.jpg]


August 2021


- Version with LoRa radio only: Not defined yet
- Version with LoRa and OOK radios: Not defined yet

Shipping Method and Costs

All shipments are done via registered Air Mail.
Once shipment is done we provide the user the tracking number.

Any country within the Eurozone: 8.20€
Any other country: 11.40€
Combined shipping is available.

Payment Method

PayPal Only

How to Order?

Orders are done by sending a PM to Werk_AG.
Click here, and describe the item or items you want to order.

Examples of Real Screenshots

[Image: 4ProDB_RX_DataScreens_01.jpg]

[Image: 4ProDB_RX_DataScreens_02.jpg]

Instructions of Use

Up to the release date, instructions of use and other relevant info will be added to this thread.
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